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Posted by Avis on February 09, 2004 at 16:45:47:

A pain thatís gnawing me from the inside,
And a solution that I cannot rely,
There is no water that can quench this burning,
No ice, no balm, just endless yearning,
For something that can satisfy,
For something that can fill the hole,
For something that can gratify,
And for something that can make me full.

This pain in me, I canít define,
Canít see, canít read, canít identify.
But itís in me, and the presence is there,
And for a long time, I really didnít care,
But now its huge, expanded fully,
Ripping me, tearing me, making me cry.
Every single day is a ten thousand k,
Running and hiding, from this fucking pain.

It took everything from me. It gave me no mercy,
This pain took me, beat me, and utterly submissed me.
My life is ruined. Just because of this pain.
Every day is filled with thunderclouds and rain.
Life now is just a fucking empty shell.
My life is forever bruised, but no one really can tell.
Thereís nothing left to live for, but now thereís nothing left to lose.
So to crumple up and suffer is the only path that I can choose.

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