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Posted by stefanie on February 04, 2004 at 08:16:11:

In Reply to: QUEEN OF DREAMS posted by rei0fsorroh on December 15, 2003 at 18:16:26:


: Rising from the paper,
: Like vapor, she floats.
: She fills the whole room—
: Blooms, billows—with smoke.

: And I try to breathe in,
: But she’s filling my lungs.
: Through gasping mouth, I suffocate,
: Tasting star-shine and lust.

: With her lunar luminescence, too—
: Blinding—makes eyes bleed clear!
: All the same, I’m smiling—
: Widely scarred white ear to ear—

: As, giddily, she sings of things
: No one else could ever know…
: Like owning a piece of that infinite blue,
: Or swimming in shattered gold.


: Like sweet steam come from rice pots…
: Like the pure, crisp taste of dawn…
: Like the wisp of whispered melody,
: Or secret burning on the tip of the tongue…

: Thus is the Queen of Dreams in me
: Surprising, refreshing—short-lived.
: But resurrecting with the velvet black,
: She’s the realest part there is.

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