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Posted by rei0fsorroh on December 15, 2003 at 18:16:26:

Rising from the paper,
Like vapor, she floats.
She fills the whole room—
Blooms, billows—with smoke.

And I try to breathe in,
But she’s filling my lungs.
Through gasping mouth, I suffocate,
Tasting star-shine and lust.

With her lunar luminescence, too—
Blinding—makes eyes bleed clear!
All the same, I’m smiling—
Widely scarred white ear to ear—

As, giddily, she sings of things
No one else could ever know…
Like owning a piece of that infinite blue,
Or swimming in shattered gold.


Like sweet steam come from rice pots…
Like the pure, crisp taste of dawn…
Like the wisp of whispered melody,
Or secret burning on the tip of the tongue…

Thus is the Queen of Dreams in me
Surprising, refreshing—short-lived.
But resurrecting with the velvet black,
She’s the realest part there is.

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