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Posted by DeNile on April 15, 2003 at 23:27:56:

In Reply to: Blanket posted by Kaylee on February 02, 2003 at 14:38:15:

: Have you ever had the feeling
: That no one understands
: Just what your heart is feeling in side?
: Have you ever felt what it's like
: When you feel like no one cares
: When you know just now your spirit has died?

: I know just what it's like,
: How it feels when it strikes.
: You just wanna run, wanna hide.
: 'Cause you're crying so much inside.

: I wanna put a blanket over my head.
: I wanna hide from my life.
: I sometimes wish that I was dead
: 'Cause I feel like I'm being stabbed with a knife.
: I wanna hide from the world.
: Wear a disguise and play pretend.
: I wanna hide my face under a blanket;
: Wanna put a blanket over my head.

: Have you ever had the impression
: That no one can read your mind?
: That no one can look into your heart?
: Have you ever known how it is
: When you feel like your invisible,
: When you feel like you don't know how to start?

: I know just how it feels,
: When you know that you can't deal.
: You just wanna leave, just escape.
: 'Cause you feel so out of shape.

: I wanna run, wanna hide, 'cause I'm crying so much inside!


I don't ever want to be found
So please don't ever take this blanet off of me
I feel so calm in my little space
I don't want to unveal the pain
The the world has giving me
Sometimes I just feel misplace

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