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Posted by Kaylee on February 02, 2003 at 14:38:15:

Have you ever had the feeling
That no one understands
Just what your heart is feeling in side?
Have you ever felt what it's like
When you feel like no one cares
When you know just now your spirit has died?

I know just what it's like,
How it feels when it strikes.
You just wanna run, wanna hide.
'Cause you're crying so much inside.

I wanna put a blanket over my head.
I wanna hide from my life.
I sometimes wish that I was dead
'Cause I feel like I'm being stabbed with a knife.
I wanna hide from the world.
Wear a disguise and play pretend.
I wanna hide my face under a blanket;
Wanna put a blanket over my head.

Have you ever had the impression
That no one can read your mind?
That no one can look into your heart?
Have you ever known how it is
When you feel like your invisible,
When you feel like you don't know how to start?

I know just how it feels,
When you know that you can't deal.
You just wanna leave, just escape.
'Cause you feel so out of shape.


I wanna run, wanna hide, 'cause I'm crying so much inside!


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