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Posted by CHELLA R0SE on March 30, 2004 at 19:28:02:

Thereís something of a melody
A humming simple nothings sweet
A paper napkin blotted
Random jots in purple ink

And I smile at the waitress
As she takes my cup away
And I sidle up beside you
With excited eyes and say

Iím writing this for you
(Could you)
Strum some notes for me
(Could you)
Show me how to
(Show what's in my soul)

I know this song is incomplete
(But I)
just haven't the patience or time
(But I)
still want to show what you mean
(Show what you mean to me)

There's something of a harmony
Your voice a simple nothings sweet
Holding, stroking your guitar
How I wish you did me

And I stumble on the lyrics
As I try keep the beat
Keep composure, keep it serious
Though I'm cracking as I think

[chorus repeat]

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