Our world is changing

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Posted by Dogsled on November 25, 2002 at 13:04:19:

We're polouting the oceans and we're choking up the skies,
we're killing every living thing that walks, swims or flies,
the world is hotting up while we're chopping down the trees,
we need to take some action now so listen up please.

The world is changing and not for the best the problem needs solving are you up for the test we are the future forget about the past lets get together and make this world last.

Recycle your rubbish and try to think green c'mon everybody lets keep this world clean,
if your gonna wear some fur then make sure its a fake,
think about those animals give them all a break.


middle 8

send out the message sing it out clear,
c'mon everybody with a loud cheer x2

chorous x2

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