Follow Your Heart(my freestyle to cheer somebody up, so its not that good)

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Posted by Avis on January 05, 2004 at 18:50:46:

Just follow your heart, whatever it says, choose it.
No matter what, donít let go and donít lose it.
Do what you want, and really donít take heed,
To what other ppl say, or else youíll never be freed.
You heard me before, and now youíll hear me say this again.
But always follow your heart, just like a blind man.
You might think I donít know and not understand you. (just a hunch)
Now that really might not be entirely untrue,
But always follow your heart and do what it tells you.

Iím not gonna to say that theres going to be nothing but bliss,
Cuz even by doing this, there is a strong risk.
You will lose some things that you really do care for,
And just follow your heart but this you gotta prepare for.
Because there really is no win-win in life,
Its not that one hand is bliss, and the other is strife
You cant win them all, thatís how the old saying goes,
But at the end, you will kno that the right choice, you chose.

Even if you lose some, itís a small price to pay,
But start acting now, donít think- it just makes delay,
Follow raw instinct, and do what you want.
Donít listen to shit, and all of those taunts.
Make your own decisions, and stop listening to talk,
No matter how persuading, just go and walk your walk.
Now a last piece of advice, tho this might sound real sappy,
Donít be ticked off, look up, and be happy.

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