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Posted by CHELLA R0SE on January 01, 2004 at 23:43:54:

how are we to know
that anything exists
what separates dream from reality
besides a pair of closed eyelids

[verse 2]
for all that we know
this is all one reverie
where up is down through is around
and anything else could be

so if itís okay...iíll keep on dreaming on

so maybe thereís gold at the end of the rainbow
and maybe thereís a man in the moon
and maybe nothing we know for sure, is so
then maybe dreams really do come true
...and then maybe i stand a chance with you

[verse 3]
though everyone says
donít build castles in the sky
donít get your hopes up--i donít give a...
what makes you think that pigs donít fly?

[verse 4]
who is to say
whatís fiction from fact
who can tell whatís right from wrong
here from there, this from that

so whatís the difference...iíll keep on dreaming on


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