never thought

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Posted by CHELLA R0SE on January 01, 2004 at 23:38:46:

[verse 1]
i never thought iíd be left behind...
especially after all this time
would you mind remind me why...
(why i try),
itís not just to be kicked down when iím high

[verse 2]
i never thought iíd be left to cry...
especially after all those nights
gone without sleep for you I...
(my oh my),
was willing to believe your million lies

[verse 3]
thatís my problem i never thought...
i never looked at things and stopped
either that or i forgot...
(tell you what)
maybe we may just be better off

[hook 1]
this way, whatís the point anyway?
itíd be in vain if i asked you to stay...
weíll be miserable either way
(if itís okay)
then guess thisíll be the way from this day

on....(and on and on)
now that youíre gone (youíre gone, youíre gone)
I lie and cry upon (upon) my bed...wishing i were dead
even though you put me through so much abuse
how can i help but remember it was you (ooh)
who was the jack to my jill
for you iíd come and tumble down any hill
cuz i never thought and never will...i fear

[verse 4]
thatís my problem i never think...
i learn to swim before i sink
hanging, laughing, having a drink...
(those times easily)
were the best of all for you & me

[verse 5]
i didnít care whoever didnít approve...
what we did was between me & you
you left me with no good reason to feel blue
(what do i do)
now, it seems so hard to move (ch)

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