the real world

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Posted by lelah on August 26, 2002 at 09:49:52:

The real world

Remember the secret gardens
The cardboard boxes
We hid ourselves for days on end
In our play world
Ready to forget
(The real world)

Harsh reality once you wake up
Gotta be able to pack up and move on
Can’t stick on one issue for too long
(In the real world)
Lots of strangers
Not much time to meet them
A new place
New people
A whole new way of life
(In the real world)

Had to grow up one day
Face the facts
Pack….say goodbye
To all we had
Remember the good times
Forget all the bad
(Then the real world comes into play)


So call me when you get there
Write a letter when you adjust
Then I’ll know I can grow up
Why’d it have to end
I loved it all…as much as one can

(Then the real world sets in)
(Then the real world sets in)
(Gotta let go…
(Gotta let go…)

Copyright © 2002 lmj

ok...well i wrote this...cause i was annoyed at having to leave
for college so soon..and i just need some feedback..some help
on making it better

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