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Posted by martin janwoski on December 28, 2003 at 01:27:36:

In Reply to: Re: Complaining about myself posted by Mike Roch on October 22, 2003 at 21:45:38:

#'s here live once or twice dont matter when u makin on dem hoez
lik-in all that back- head 2 toze-
dont know what froze-but my mind was thinkin this time gona lite da latern
n that 1 speacial lady lais next 2 me-
there in physiacal form-pray her eyes aint tellin liez when they roam
how many times these one timaz sleepin in my home
tight now-but how many more
all dem a gem but tricks get dicks-n no more
hard core whore- runnin da streets go ahead take a tour
my old lady aint sleepin at no 4-
a-m somebody save a man thats married 2 a might be tight bitch that is a caldien
n shit afiliated wit a tailabane-2 much truble man
only so much one man can stand once on a chain
break loose then get her brothers heaters takin aim
damn-blam another murder case in which sterling heights police cant slove em
wars brekain while bush is gettin skull from bin laden
shit if they had babies id b mother fuckin saitin wit a evil lookin grin
all that cursin-god just told me it wasnt a sin
thankin him for bringin another kin in this world we live in
liftin my chin lyriclly speakin- aint ur imagination
its been in ur brains fanization now its becomin a relization
a caucasions not worried bout it- my interpitations whats its about


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