Got This Girl

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Posted by Jeff Johnson on November 30, 2003 at 18:58:34:

got this girl
who lives with me

she drives a porsche
works in a office
drinks green tea
and has a boss named
Bill G.

and keeps saying that
she's way too good for me

and I just slap
her on the ass
and say
by the way
could you please take out the trash

she keeps telling me
how she could do a lot better

and I say to myself
some day I might just let her

and I say dear
could you please
get up off your ass
and grab me a beer

and she say's to me
ya know sometimes you make me wish
I was queer

and I say
settle down babe
it will be okay
I'm feeling sleepy
and let's hit the hay

and she say's
you treat me like a whore
and I'm not goin take it anymore

so I chug down another beer
give her a big wink
and say
hey babe
get your ass over here!

so she has this big giggle
sits on my lap
and takes a long nap

and I say to myself
who's the man
ya I'm the man!

so she wakes up after
two hours or so

and say's with a smile
she's in the mood
let's do the wild thing
it will really be good

my legs are both numb
and when I try to stand up
I fall on the floor

well she has a kind of
a laughing fit
while she see's
who's at the door

well it's her mother
she see's me on the floor
and say's
why don't you get
your ass off the floor
and act like a man

and I say a couple things
that nobody heard
then tell her how good she looks
and it's dam good to see her

she say's her husband left her
and she's selling the house
and moving in with us
like my girl friend told her

and my girl friend and her mom
have another one
of those kind of laughing fits together
that lasted maybe
twenty minutes or so

as I kind of mutter to myself
who's the man
ya I'm the man
who's the man
ya I'm the man ...............

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