He isnt a loser

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Posted by jeff w on November 29, 2003 at 19:28:49:

There is a booy who thinks he is a loser,
Well guess wut ull never be a loser,
and never become a loser.
He thinks he is a mile from a loser,
but u no ur not>
U just have to get over it,
and if u dont ull be like it for the rest of ur life.
She has a big loss about u but u no ur the big boss,
and she has no idea wut she is thinking.
If she said no again wut would u do,
be more mad or be more sad.
Just get over her she isnt ur life only since third grade.
So ur not a loser ul never be one,
so just get over it man.

I dont think i should tell the person

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