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Posted by Jess on November 05, 2003 at 17:43:02:


you, you, you, baby
you, you, you, you, yoou
you are the reason i'm alive,
that's what you done to me
when I'm around you,
you set my soul so so free,

So thanks to you,
you really got me movin'
but without you baby,
i'm reeaally nothin'

So why do you have to try my love?
Why do you have to use me up?
Why aren't you here to wipe my tears?
Just you go and leave me here!

Don't go back, don't go near
someone is waiting for you now,
she's calling, can't you hear?
Just leave me now, there's no turning back,
you won't find another one
to take my place,
cuz I won't be here anymoore,

No, you can't tell me
that i'm your only one,
that'll just be lyin'
it won't be any fun,

"why don't you tell me the truth? Why can't you ever tell me everything? Sometimes I feel like im going in circles without movin' anything. Just spill it, c'mon tell me, what happened to the love? I feel like I've lost my place, I feel like a lonely dove. C'mon baby, you can tell me, I really gotta know, just gimme one more chance, and I'll make a show. Just love me. you can do it. one more time one more place one more hour. just gimme a second chance, then I'll show you everything I have...."

Baby, what'd you do to me?
I wanna dance,
'till the moon wanes
'til the clock dings
'til the bird sings
i wanna dance wit you,
but you won't even come near,
what am I supposed to do?
What's wrong? can't you hear?

You can love me, or you can hate me,
I really don't care.
Just be with me baby,
you don't really have to share,

"I love you like that"

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