How dare you invade my planet

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Posted by Hillbilly hell catz with Crazy Call fun Freak on May 02, 2003 at 18:49:04:

Well about 50 years ago in Jamacia there was a man named Phu Tawkey Phu he feasted on humans and he would eat your arms off you this song does not make any sense but what the hell it is our song you probally don't know the words but feel free to sing along:

(Crazy call)
Whoo hoo turn on the heater it's getting colder can't wait any longer my grand ma's getting older HUH I said what did I stutter did I hurt myself with a cookie Cutter whoo hoo why did u invade my planet you evil half hamster half monkey I can't believe you're back don't come any closer don't make me call the men in black

(Hell Catz)
I can't believe you, do you know who I am I'm the guy who stuck my head in the microwave to get a tan I take baths in the washer then I drink from the pump at the gas station so why did you invade our planet and our nation

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