I Will Follow

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Posted by DeNile on April 28, 2003 at 23:20:06:

As I open my eyes I see your face
Your eyes staring back in mine
Like if your reading my soul
Vondering how I'm doing fine
I'm being really strong for you
Wish I could cried just one tear
But I'm going to act like nothing wrongs
I'm making it easy on you, So don't fear
{need to add a few more line}

Taught I be with you forever
Till you let me go
I will never know, why
Just Remember
Wherever you go
I will follow
Whatever happens
I will follow
Even days after tomorrow
I will follow close
behind so if you lose control
I'll be close enough
To thrust you up once mo'

{Song is a slow one. It's about a Girl breaken up with her boyfriend and the bf is going to be strong and will always be there}

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