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Posted by AMRA on April 24, 2003 at 18:50:48:

When ever i look up at the starz
i think of all the good times ,
how our feet sank in the sand
how you held my hand.

I loved you with all my heart
but now your gone -gone-
you never did say good bye
you just packed your bags left me hear helpless

i guess you never did need me i guess you always had another by you side
you never did need the love
i was willing to offer

boy you could never look me in the eyes
and say i am leaving
you just ran to her for the things
she was willing to do

boy your a wip a lair a non bealiver but most of all your a leaver.i never wanna look you in the face again never waannna see the eyes that know my heart and how to hurt it the most

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