Apocalypse STARDOME

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Posted by Slim Picken on April 18, 2003 at 09:21:37:

The thrill's gettin closer can you feel the heat, The drums gettin louder can you feel the beat so let's go I gotta feel that rock'n'roll

(Fast) V1:
It's international feelings up where you stand and down underground like a million forces animals elephants for miles around and you get that feeling your boat is not gonna sail but wait what just came in the mail You know we'll be there but when we leave there it's gonna be a house held train thinkin that worlds gonna rain so we sit in a hole gettin soakin wet gotta great feeling that I can't regret then a side affect kicks in APOCALYPSE STARDOM

( I can't think of another verse help yourselves to finishing it)

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