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Posted by Punk4th ( on February 25, 2005 at 11:00:05:

Dear November, finally unfolding
As diluted clouds exhales a lonely star
This beating heart, decoding echoes in the darkness
Through imitated smiles and bleeding scars

Beneath this jet black,liquid sky
She sucks the air in deep now
Her shallow aqua breath exhales a symphony
It tries to sing me off to sleep now
And memories; will blend in with my dreams now

A moments silence rests within her eyes
In weightless, gravitational design
It keeps my hope afloat when I am down
And guides me through the dark when I am blind

I see seconds melt, caught inside her stare
Defining time in suicidal tears
And as her heart grows heavier than stone
I take her hand, but still she feels alone
As even in my arms
She is far beyond my reach

And now I'm holding on
To the souls of the dead autumn leaves
As the echo of their sweet goodbyes
Swoop and stutter through the empty 27th street
And still the writing on the wall will whisper;
"Nothing lasts forever"

Beneath this jet black,liquid sky
I suck the air in deep now
It gets loneliest at nights, somehow
But I don't dare to fall asleep now
Afraid to wake up to the same old view,
With tears for two, with tears for two
And I wonder how the sky will look
Without my favourite star

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