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Posted by Punk4th on October 06, 2004 at 05:54:04:

I can see a shadow's hand
Stretching for unseen limitations
And I am there to watch it all
Through a window of lost patience

I dim the lights down low
A last measure of defence
But emotions takes their toll
As I have failed to make amends

There's a hollow space between
Where insecurities are seen
These doubts and flaws are insincere
A costume I am cursed to wear
Sold as freedom of dull minds
But the shackles aren't hard to find
So I'm still looking for
A change in mood
A better attitude
In this empty void
I found you

Now tuck me in with flowers
I've been dead for hours
A co-existing, lonely ghost
Swallowed by your diamond breath
And I will miss this world
Until tomorrow meets the sun

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