Dead Romance

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Posted by Punk4th on August 05, 2004 at 18:16:50:

I rest my head upon a restless thought tonight
Slowly sinking through a bed of unarmed roses
As suicidal teardrops fall unitedly
From an empty sky of perpetual black

The past two years with you
Have patiently been enveloped in devotion
And cherished moments of affection
Are still carved inside my mind

They've shaped a solid social structure
Secured by tempered stepping stones
But I can only watch and wait
As everything just breaks and crumbles
Under the weight of one decision

A choice infected with fresh regrets
Cutting down what we once grew
Creating the distance between us
And leaving every need and emotion
Worthless and futile
Drama has never looked so frightening

Now that I'm standing
Face to face with change
Helpless and exposed
I can't find a refuge for this pain
No words to soothe this ache
As every medicinal effect
Has and always will be
Tied to you

I've cut myself on broken dreams (I will withdraw)
Bleeding memories I've never seen (Away from you)
And now I'm choking on this scene (And everyone)
As nothing binds me to this place (I ever knew)
But you

I'm locked inside
An undeniable dilemma
Questioned by my conscience
And I don't have the heart
To ask you for the key

As I take a long, tortured step
In the wrong direction
I need you to know
It's hard to let you go
You mean everything to me
You're everything I want you to be
As I have always felt
And will always feel for you

I know you
I owe you
Hours of compassion
The deepest of commitment
And everything I have to give
Will never be enough
I owe you
The best of intentions

See, I can't mend
The scars I've left on you
And I can't the defend
The pain I've put you through
I'm so sorry
I will miss your gentle voice
And your contagious smile
Infecting everyone
I'm so sorry
I already miss you

Can I hold on to feelings
That will only lead to pain?
Will I learn to feel again
If I let you slip away?
Slip away

The story we have written
Reeks of fallen tears
Causing the end to shine through
Finale in fatal breakdown
While the curtains fall

As uncertainty is slowly
Gnawing on my conscience
Can you please tell me
Did I kill us with this step?

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