As I die...

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Posted by Brian on February 10, 2003 at 12:07:35:

Dont make me hate you,
with all that goodness inside,
beneath the surface it hides,
lonely and wating,
can I see through your eyes?
I think not,
but ill try,
and make strides, to try to breath on my own.

one breath at a time,
as i walk this thin line,
between heaven and hell,
where will i go when I die?
no one knows.
but ill try, to send word when im gone,
about white sandy beaches.
or ashes and bone.
It all depends where Im going,
when im gone.

Tell my wife that I loved her,
cause Im not coming home,
and tell my son to be brave,
he'll become a man on his own.
keep throwing that ball son.
someday youll be pro.
I miss you already.
I feel so alone.
Im drifting,
Im cold.

Its painless though,
this thing they call death.
I took a last glimse of the world,
I breathed my last breath.
and thought to myself,
Whats next?
Life is so short.
yours as is mine.
and the only thing i have left,
are the memories etched in my mind.
and a whole lot of time,
to dream.
about white sandy beaches,
or ashes and bone,
all depends where Im going,
Im gone...

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