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Posted by Kaylee on February 02, 2003 at 14:45:55:

I saw you holding hands with my guy
When I saw you two together it made me cry
'Cause I saw the look in his eyes
And it looks like soon he's gonna say goodbye

I feel so oblivious
I thought he and I were serious
It's like competition was made for us
When it gets like this it gets scandalous

Love you like a sister.
But sisters don't do this to each other
You're my best friend
You can do better
Than taking my guy from me

He may not have liked me in the first place.
I totally feel like a disgrace
But you know you should get out of my face
Because he is my man, just get out of this place.

You know you're acting really mean.
There's no need to be such a drama queen.
There's no need to cause a scene.
When I'm being as sweet as a jellybean.


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