Services offered include copying scores from manuscript, creating parts, transcribing, arranging, and orchestrating. From simple lead sheets to big band charts and full blown symphony and opera scores.

  • All engraving is done with Finale and Sibelius.

  • Rates are based on the complexity of each project and its intended deadline.

  • Estimates and samples of work are provided free of charge.

  • Fast turnaround: most jobs are completed within five business days.

  • Worldwide delivery via snail mail and/or email (pdf file).

  • Professional 1200x1200dpi laser printing.

  • Pay safely and securely by credit card (Paypal), check, or money order.

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Music Copying

From lead sheets to symphony orchestral works. Scores and parts are proofread for accuracy and clarity. On-line previewing and printing.
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Music Transcription

From any audio recording and midi file into Finale with careful consideration of style, tempo, and articulations.
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(low res)

From melody line to full blown orchestral score.
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Enhance your music with tasty horns, strings, or simple form or instrumental adjustments.
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"Excellent transcriptions always."

Adam B., USA
"Thanks for everything. It's just great."

Richard B., USA
"I like your work Marco."

Len B., USA
"Fantastic transcriptions."

Adam B., USA
"Many thanks for your excellent service."

Bob C., UK
"Thanks for this all!"

James S., USA
"Great transcription!"

Adam B., USA
"You are the best!!! Thank you SO much!"

Phil M., USA
"Thanks Marco, looks fantastic!"

Myles C., USA
"Great Job BTW,. I just played along with the song. It's dead on!!!"

Ralph A., USA
"Your great transcriptions helped me a lot with my studies."

Efecan T., Turkey
"beautiful job!"

John Y., USA
"great transcriptions."

B.D. Lenz
"That is awesome, Marco. Thank you!"

Tom S., USA
"...excellent!! We actually performed the music this past Sunday and we received many compliments (the kids were saying, "That was tight!!"). Thank you so much!"

Jonathan S., USA
"In your work, You are absolutely Fabulous!!! I am going to hire you again in my next project if one arises again! Thanks for everything!!!"

Tek W., USA
"I've listened to the arrangement a couple of times already and I'm happy with everything you've done."

Adam L., USA
"Good jazz transcriptions."

Scott F Bass Place
"... beautiful transcriptions ..."

Brent Stuntzner
"I havent tried all the tunes yet, but they are looking great."

Jon M., USA
"... fantasitc [sic] transcription ..."

The International Institute of Bassists
"Wonderful transcriptions..."

Pete's Bass Place
"... nice horn parts ..."

Dennis Halsey, USA
"Very impressive mate. I didn't even think he played that :)."

John F., UK
"...very good stuff..."

Delfino C., Italy
"de bonnes transcriptions..."

Ecole Acro'Bass